Sending payment

To send your ETC to another address, first log into your wallet.

Click Send in the left side menu. The interface for sending the payment will appear. Enter the amount and address of the recipient’s ETC wallet in the corresponding fields:

ETC wallet interface

You can specify the speed of the payment. Please note that you will have to pay a higher commission for a faster payment:

Speed of the payment

After you have filled in the “Amount” and “To Address” fields, as well as selected the transaction speed, click the “Send” button:

"Amount" and “To Address” fields A confirmation window will appear allowing you to check the payment details again. If everything is correct, click “Confirm and Send”.

Click “Confirm and Send”

After sending you will see the following message:

After sending you will see the following message

The process of sending a payment is also shown in detail in this video:


Receiving payment

To receive a payment, you just need to copy and send to the sender the address of your ETC wallet specified in the Address block:

Address block

You can also send your wallet address to the sender in the form of a QR code. This is very convenient if the sender is using a mobile wallet that supports ETC. To do this, click the Info icon in the Address block:

Info icon

A window with information about your wallet will appear. The QR code with its address is marked with a red arrow:

QR code

Open the QR code as an image in a new tab, save and send to the sender in electronic or printed form. He can make a payment by simply scanning the QR code with his device:

QR code